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Index/Instant offense exam:

This examination is an event-specific polygraph for examinees who deny any or all important aspects of the allegations pertaining to their present sex offense crime(s) of conviction.  The specific Issue test is also used if there is a specific event in question, such as re-offending, or failure to follow one or more of the supervision guidelines.

Maintenance exam

This test is to thoroughly investigate, either periodically or randomly, the examinee’s compliance with any of the designated terms and condition of probation, parole and treatment rules.

Sexual History exams I and II

This examination is used to verify the accuracy of the offender's disclosure of his/her sexual history to the treatment provider. It is also used to investigate the examinee’s history of involvement in unknown or unreported offenses and other sexual compulsivity, sexual pre-occupation, or sexual deviancy behaviors.

Disclosure Over Sexual History

The purpose is to verify full and complete disclosure of sexual history for treatment purposes. A sexual history questionnaire, completed by the offender and approved by the treatment provider must be submitted to the polygraph examiner before the examination.


This test covers any sexual re-offending and any other illegal sexual behavior for a designated time period since being on probation/parole.


Each exam takes from 1 ½ to 3 hours to complete. Specific areas of concern are identified prior to testing, and the relevant questions are formulated to address those concerns. There are no surprises during  the questioning. All questions and answers are discussed fully with the client prior to testing.

Results of the examination will be available after the charts have been quality controlled.  A full written report will be available within three working days.

Omega Polygraph provides clinical polygraph services throughout Southern California area, and we are dedicated to the use of the Containment Approach when dealing with post-conviction sex offenders. We are proud to be part of the Containment Model, which includes supervision officials, treatment providers, and polygraph examiners.

Testing may be completed at the location of the requesting agency or at either of our offices.