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Types of Examinations

Criminal Examinations:

Examinations are conducted for defense attorneys as well as prosecutors to determine the truth. The polygraph is an effective tool in identifying the individual(s) involved in the criminal conduct under investigation; however, it is most effective in eliminating the individual who is unjustly accused of a criminal act they did not commit. In ongoing investigations, we can help identify those with information of the crime, looking for concealed information, or guilty knowledge. All testing for Defense Attorneys comes under Attorney/Client Confidentiality.

Pre-employment Examinations

We administer pre-employment/screening examinations for law enforcement/fire agencies and armored car companies. We can assist agencies in the background investigative process by verifying the information submitted by an applicant and determining whether any of the provided information is false or misleading. We also can determine whether the applicant has failed to disclose any disqualifying information.

Internal Affairs

For governmental and law enforcement agencies, we can conduct polygraph examinations for internal investigations involving criminal activity and or violations of professional standards.

Specific Issue Examinations

We will conduct a specific issue examination for an individual. If you have been accused of doing something specific and you want to prove you did not do it, we can help you prove your innocence.

Domestic/Fidelity Issue Examinations

If you suspect that your significant other has betrayed your trust, or they have accused you of betraying their trust, a polygraph can be administered to verify the truth.